Archtop Jazz Guitar: the Vienna Archtop

The Vienna Archtop

Elegant simplicity! Craftsmanship! Quality of tone! Strength of tone!

The Vienna is built for the most passionate archtop jazz guitar lovers.

The architectural purity of the design gives the guitar a clean shape that presents the essence of the sound. All design details enhance the beauty and the basic shape of the guitar. All the proportions are perfectly balanced creating a very dynamic powerful elegance. Yet this is done without any extrovert features that would distract the eye.

For the Vienna Archtop we use exclusively old tops that are bought from the widow of A. Lang. This old stock I must have bought already in 1990. Lang was a well-known German guitarmaker living in Garmisch Partenkirchen, Germany and died in 1975. Although some of the woods may have minor visual flaws, it is acoustically far-out superior to any new wood due to the extreme old age. The roughly pre-cut tops do sound already like a bell. I estimate that the top wood has been stored to dry in the workshop of Lang for more the 40 years.

Despite being original in all its essence the guitar presents a very traditional appearance, reminiscent to the patina and outlines of the bowed instruments of the Cremona Masters. Their beautiful patina is a true reference for our guitars.

It is remarkable how responsive and sensitive the guitar follows the player’s style. The Vienna Archtop has a sonority expressed by a great power and sustain even in the high registers. Although the guitar is very easy to play you find the instrument presents a versatile dynamic range with the possibility creating a wide tonal spectrum by the contrast of colours.

Owners of a Vienna are very well aware about the few high end archtop jazz guitars that are currently on the market and most of them have played and tested the best among them. This makes us proud to be valued so much.