The BLUE Vienna

My first Archtop that became widely known to a bigger audience was in the days, when I was invited by Scott Chinery to participate as a guitarmaker for his BLUE GUITAR collection. (That was already in 1997)

I was really honoured to be invited as the only maker from Europe, joining some of the most famous American Archtop makers like Mr. Mark Campellone,Mr. Bill Comins, Mr. Mark Lacey, Mr. Tom Ribbecke and many more…

Scott Chinery placed a historical order similar like the Royal Families did in the past and made an unforgettable statement with this tribute to the archtop guitar: commissioning a very selective group of archtop guitarmakers to pay respect to the late D’Aquisto. To underline this statement it has been chosen to use a very specific blue colour, for the first time been used by D’Aquisto on one of his archtops.

This unique collection should never be separated as it is a statement, showing the Art of Archtop-making at the end of the last century.

KEN VOSE writes in his book BLUE GUITAR:

“The Result (the blue guitars) is perhaps the greatest collection of archtops ever made. Blue guitar celebrates the unique beauty of this unparalleled collection… Many of whom (the guitarmakers) have dedicated their lives to finding the place where Art, Craft and Music converge”

This guitar has been pictured in many more guitar books and almost every year I receive a request for another publication. Until long I had not yet accepted to build another Blue Vienna. But now one again will be custom made for Tobias Neumann who already owns Vienna Apex. As I respect Tobias as a dedicated musician and great friend I know this is the right decision.