The Vienna APEX

“A true acoustic archtop respecting a traditional appearance.”

We are proud to present the sensational acoustic archtop Vienna Apex. After several years of research we designed a new concept without the need using side-ports or fancy shaped f-holes that do not justify the tradition of archtop making. I never valued that these designs significantly contributed to the acoustic sound quality of the archtop but where merely part of marketing strategies.

The target was to loose that nasal midrange sound, often so typical for most archtops, and to create a more complex kind of tonal quality that also can be found in high quality classical guitars or flattops. At the same we want to achieve an acoustic sound quality that builds on the tradition of the archtop design. Many alternative concepts on the market are sounding like a bad flat top guitar.

The Vienna Apex is build no longer with a heavy X-bracing nor uses parallel bracing. H.I.T is the system we developed: Harmonic-Integrated-Topdesign. The bracing system becomes part of the Topdesign and allows you to create a different kind and surely much more complex tonalities.

The Vienna Apex is a superb acoustic guitar and not a semi-acoustic guitar with no humbucker. The guitar adapts itself smoothly to the player’s style. When stringed up with different types of strings it will respond with a different character following the nature of the string material and your style of playing.

The Vienna Apex is capable to deliver that stunning pumping rhythm similar to that of the legendary Freddie Green and rarely to be heard again. Even with flatwounds, the Vienna Apex performs with a high degree of clarity when playing a polyphonic style: the bass line mixed with stroking chords allows to separate soloing on top. The result is a bass line sounding like a double bass, chords that are dry and mellow, with on top of your rhythm a clear and strong melody.