The Vienna hardware

It may be quite unique that we produce all the hardware on the Vienna in our own workshop. This was however the only way to achieve the design and quality we want. Years and years we had lost trying to get it produced out of house and becoming only frustrated by promises and bad workmanship.

This proves on the other hand the complexity of the hardware parts on the Vienna. Now we are very proud about our very exclusive hardware that is being cut in our workshop out of solid pieces of brass.

It takes about two times 24hours to cut one part of the tailpiece out of a solid block of selected brass. Another 8-12 hours are needed to sand this part and polish it to a high gloss, all done by hand. This method, although considerably more time consuming and labour intensive, creates a superior quality piece.

The same goes for the machine covers; it takes again about two days to get one set carved and engraved, after which they also need to be polished to a high gloss. The engraved bird, both in the sideplate machine covers and the tailpiece, feature the “S” of our brand Scharpach.

Every single tuning knob is casted by hand and needs after taken out of the mould about a 4 hour polishing job each. They are made out of solid silver. To make it more complicated I wanted to hollow them slightly to reduce the weight. It would have been cheaper to have them produced in solid silver. To indicate the value one should count about 1000 euro for one set of 6 knobs.

When everything is finally polished we have it gold-plated. This is done in Germany with great care and attention receiving two high quality layers of fine 21 karats of gold.