The Vienna OPUS

The beauty of the Vienna is its ability to respond to every style of player and to inspire at the same with a wide range of tonal possibilities. The sound can be as traditional as Wes Montgomery moving forward in time.

Some collectors have both a Vienna and one or more high value American Archtops and they are astonished by the high quality of finish and appearance we are able to achieve. This appearance is unique due to the high craftsmanship that applies for the woodwork, the varnish and the patina of the instrument and all metal work.

The Vienna Opus has a powerful and well-balanced acoustic sound. It produces just enough bass and strong fat punchy trebles, still with rich harmonics. The guitar does not have the midrange sound that sometimes is typical for Archtops, nevertheless it still cuts through. The Vienna Opus comes with a free floating Scharpach Jazz Humbucker with custom cut Alnico magnets.

Available Finishes are:

  • Vienna Sunset: A custom sunburst Vienna
  • Vienna Golden: No shades but a beautiful mellow golden yellow
  • Vienna Golden Shade: Golden yellow with orange running into brown shades
  • Vienna Traditional Brown: Inspired by the beautiful browns used by the Cremona Makers
  • Vienna Natural Blonde: Simply a natural blond with the slightest tint