The Vienna SUPREMA

The Vienna Suprema is a deLuxe version of the Apex.

Paolo Povoleri, one Italian Client, has inspired us to design this guitar.

The style is fully dedicated to the style of the old Cremona instrument makers using old varnish styles and creating handmade old style patinas. The guitar comes with a full shellac finish or also called French polish. The patina is created by a technique of combining several layers of pigments and colours to come to a unique final result. The process of colouring takes about two weeks; to varnish the guitar with a high quality shellac finish takes several months.

This original patina and varnish creates the beauty and the character of the instrument giving it a unique and true original one-of-a-kind appearance. The guitar looks therefore very traditional however is still build as a very modern guitar avoiding fancy designs just to attract attention.

The acoustic sound of the Vienna Archtop is not been heard in many other Archtops. Many guitarplayers may have never experienced the acoustic volume of a well build acoustic archtop guitar. It is been expressed to me by players that they often are disappointed by the acoustic volume of archtop guitars and that they are surprised by the acoustic volume and strong presence of the Vienna. Sometimes it seems that the acoustic value and beauty of Archtop Guitars has been forgotten.