2013, UNDER CONSTRUCTION Vienna Opus Archtop Philip Catherine

After a long friendship of more then 25 years we finally came together. One of the great musicians that I have admired from the beginning of my career is Philip Catherine. I may know no one else who plays in such a delicate way that always touches you even if you are not a big…
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Tobias Neumann Sweden acquires Vienna Apex

Tobias Neumann is third generation guitar player and composer. He is the grandson of the well-known composer Ulrik Neumann. In 2010 Mikael Neumann has brought out a CD dedicated to his father Ulrik. As Mikael Neumann had already acquired a Dolphin Jazz Concert from our hand I am so pleased that now his very talented…
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DVD SoWieSo Uwe Kropinski 2012

DVD  SoWieSo Uwe Kropinski 2012

Música Argentina Tour

Música Argentina features the great performers on Guitar from Argentina: Roberto Aussel, Juan Falú, Ricardo Moyano and the duo Macondo. The international concert tour of Música Argentina was organised by SCHARPACH Guitars and sponsored by Saverez Strings and SCHARPACH Guitars in cooperation with Senf Management responsible for the tour management. We are truly proud that…
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Ralph Towner invited by Scharpach to perform at Oberhausen

Ralph Towner has been one of those players that have inspired me in the early days, being one of the first to introduce the classical guitar outside the regular concert hall. Ralph Towner has been educated in Vienna by the great and renowned Professor Karl Scheit which must have been important for his career. I…
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Guitar recital at Gitarrissimo by Erik de Lucena Pronk, Brazil.

The Program mentions music of Brazilian composers such as Heitor Villa-Lobos, Radamés Gnattali, César Guerra-Peixe, Edino Krieger and Marlos Nobre. Some arrangements are of the gutarist and composer Marco Pereira. See video samples of the concert

Al di Meola at Metropool Hengelo, The Netherlands

It was a great pleasure to meet again with Al di Meola. I have built a custom guitar for Al di Meola some years ago. Al di Meola is for me still one of those few exceptional musicians on guitar and his concert expressed so much energy and power. Al di Meola was very impressed…
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Randy Bachman

It has been a great honour for me to receive the request to build an archtop for someone who is really an icon: A musician who contributed so much and over such a lomg period, to pop music and jazz. It is a great oppertunity to connect through an instrument with someone who has been…
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