Archtop Jazz


For my Archtops I mostly use the woods that I bought already in 1985 from the widow of Artur Lang.

Artur Lang was a well-known German guitarmaker living in Garmisch Partenkirchen, Germany and died in 1975. Although some of the woods may have minor visual flaws, it is acoustically far-out superior to any fresh woods due to the extreme age. The roughly pre-cut tops do sound like a bell. I estimate that they have been stored to dry in the workshop of Lang for more the 40 years. This means the wood is now close 80 years old. 

The OPUS 108 is a true players guitar. The size is 17". It is made with great dedication and using the same woods as for the Vienna. However it has found it's starting points at the great period of Archtop guitars at the beginning of the 20th century with examples like Levin and Epiphone. 

OPUS108: Acoustic Archtop. 
This beautiful pic is send to me by the owner of the guitar Andreas Dombert. I take great care a lot for aesthetics

and design of my guitars and I just love the pic how it justifies the lines and shape of the guitar.


VIENNA Archtop

The Vienna is made for the most passionate Archtop lover, player and collector. The architectural purity of the design gives the guitar a clean shape that presents the essence of the sound. All design details enhance the beauty and the basic shape of the guitar. All the proportions are perfectly balanced creating a very dynamic powerful elegance. Yet this is done without any extrovert features that would distract the eye.


The ViennaJOE is especially made for Philip Catherine. It is a small body 16" semi-acoustic Archtop Jazz guitar. It is light and versatile. Again using the same old woods out of the very old stock of Artur Lang. 

Jostein Gulbrandsen playing the ViennaJOE

Philip Catherine life recording with Iphone

The Memphis T' FvB

The Memphis'T is a quite unique guitar within my collection of custom designs. It is made exclusively from very old woods. The top is cut out of Maple and the back and sides are from Madagascar Ceder. The guitar is a hollow-body Thinline type guitar. The sides and back are covered/inlaid with imitation of Croq print however with real leather. The structure into the top is cut out into the solid maple top and imitates the leather structure. 

Two guitars were commissioned by the famous shoe company Floris van Bommel.