The design of the Flamenco1912 found its inspiration by Pablo Picasso.  Picasso’s silent instrument resembled no sculpture ever seen before.  His first model in 1912 was made from cardboard . In 1914 the artist reiterated his fragile papery construction in a more fixed and durable sheet metal form.

Vicente Santiago:  "As a flamenco player I always need the instrument to respond and not to be wondering if at some point the sound of the guitar will break. 

The sound of the guitar is just great: warm, balanced and with a lot of colours no matter if I was playing forte or piano. I liked playing melody lines especially on the high because I always felt a great harmonic support: somehow I felt there was another instrument accompanying me while playing melodies. "

LA PORTA: Custom flamenco for Al di Meola

This shows the guitar I made for Al di Meola called: "La Porta" . The design was based on the story that Al told about his grandfather leaving Italy through an ancient historical door, hence: "La Porta".