Picasso’s silent instrument resembled no sculpture ever seen before.  In 1914 the artist reiterated his fragile papery construction in a more fixed and durable sheet metal form.


I have worked together over several months with Eric Vaarzon Morel building a new flamenco guitar.

This Flamenco Picasso is a unique guitar in Design and sound. This design is based on the Picasso's impression of the Flamenco guitar as exhibited at the MoMa Museum of New York.  I used the headstock impression as well as Picasso's idea of the soundhole Rosette. For the inlay concept at the stringholder on the bridge I  was inspired by a design of great artist Henri Matisse. 

LA PORTA: Custom flamenco for Al di Meola

This shows the guitar I made for Al di Meola called: "La Porta" . The design was based on the story that Al told about his grandfather leaving Italy through an ancient historical door, hence: "La Porta".