I have been building guitars all my life. Here you find a selection of some of

the professional players playing Scharpach guitars.

Collectors that own Scharpach guitars are not mentioned. 


Ahmet Kanneci

Professor Ahmet Kanneci, Ankara, Turkey. He owns 3 guitars from me together with some fine old guitars from Masters like Hauser as part of his collection.  

Al di Meola

The legendary guitar player Al di Meola plays the La Porta flamenca that is custom made.  

Nadja Kossinskaja

Nadja is playing the Concertura. She is from Kiev, Ukraine.  

Martin van Hees

Martin van Hees is a young Dutch player that may have a great career in front of him as he is devoted to add new music to the guitar scene.   

Uwe Kropinski

Uwe has a few Dolphin's type guitars. He just recently got his new guitar. This is a traditional build guitar, however build according his requirements.  

Philip Catherine

It has been great to make the ViennaJOE for Philip Catherine.

Camilo Sauvalle

Camilo is from Santiago, Chile. It is nice to work with Camilo as he loves the many ways of the classical guitar.

Chieli Minucci

The New York player Chieli Minucci is one of the owners of a Vienna Opus

Daniel Stelter

He plays a one of a kind custom guitar:

the Memphis T FvB. A semi-acoustic thinline. 

Andreas Dombert

From Regensburg, Germany. Andreas plays the Opus108. 

Ansgar Dälken

Ansgar owns 2 guitars: a steel string and the Dolphin nylon string.

Tobias Neumann

Tobias plays the 2oth anniversary version of the Bleu Vienna. Tobias is from Sweden.